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From Soufriere With Love

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John Dorman extraordinary lifestyle

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Hi my name is specialist John  Dorman 3rd Army Inf.Div.Retired.
 I was born on the island of Saint Lucia At the tender age of 15 i had the dubious pleasure of working at the Halcyon Days Hotel @ 16 i left St.lucia for Saint Croix at 17 i was sailing the high seas by age 18 i had seen most of Western Europe great cities crossed the Atlantic 20 times sailed across the historical Panama Canal, crossed the Equatorial line many times aboard the good ship named Brunshoeft.Currently am married to a Lucian gal from the town of Soufriere.Well that's enough about moi.
I serverd in the United States Army for more than 15 years.I enlisted as an E1 on January 15 1973 and went to basic training @ Fort Dix .Basic training was a mother fucxx the weather was not conducive for training plus the fact that the drill instructors were nuts.Upon completion of my basic training, I was sent to Fort Gordon for 6 months of Schooling in my Military Occupational Skills as a jet repair technician..Automatic flight Control Repairs.After graduation for reasons unknown to me  i was ordered to Fort Polk for Infantry Training as an11hotel.Fort Polk was pure hell however, i learned a lot about my self.The middle East was about to explode The Arab  States attacked The Jewish state of Israel, President Nixon has ordered us to get ready for the big show down. All of America's Armed Forces are on red alert.My unit was sent to  xxxxxx unable to disclosed .In 1974 i was shipped out to joined the 3rd Army in Germany.In 1975 i was orderd  back to the U.S for additional training at fort  Jackson.By virtue of my new training am now a 76S.Parts Specialist.
I was given the option of going to Korea or Germany i opted for the later.
With the expectation of going to college to get my BSN  degree in Nursing  i left the Active Army in 1976 joined The New York Army National Guards .I attended Brooklyn College for two years but owing to a 2.75  GPA i dropped out of college and relocated to Chicago. I immediately joined The Illinois National Army Guards I continued my college education @ Malcolm X College i was able to complied 56 credit hours . I wanted a changed in institution, so i attended  Chicago City Wide College, I graduated with a certificate as a Para Medic. i attended Truman College,Elm Hurst College and Coyne American Institute  where i graduated with 2 Diplomas one in the field of Electrical Maintenance and the other in the field of Air Condition,Refrigeration and Heating. In 1993 i graduated from Triton College as a licensed Practical Nurse.


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The Adventures Of Specialist John Dorman 3rd Army